Published On: Tue, Mar 13th, 2018

WATCH: Mum gives birth in the sea as tourists watch in shock | Life | Life & Style

A woman has given birth in the Red Sea in Egypt and the photos and video gone viral.

The town of Dahab by the red sea has been the spot where a woman had her baby.

The Russian woman was filmed from a balcony and the amazing moment was shared on social media.

An older man and younger man, thought to be her partner, carried the baby out of the sea, and the placenta in a bucket.

The location is north of Sharm el-Sheikh, is a popular tourist spot.

The woman then appeared from the sea in her bikini smiling and wearing goggles.

The birth may or may not have been planned, but the bucket was on hand to catch the placenta.

Reports have claimed the older man may be a doctor, on hand to help, but this is not confirmed.

Everyone on hand seemed happy and healthy. According to Baby Centre there are legends of South Pacific islanders giving birth in shallow sea water.

In Guyana in South America there is a special river where women go to give birth.

In 2015 a woman who appeared in a Channel 4 documentary Extraordinary Births wanted to give birth in the sea with dolphins as a midwife.

There are not many animals who have played this important role in birth.

There is currently no update as to whether any sea life played a role in the birth.

Another woman gave birth dramatically in a hospital corridor after arriving at hospital too late to make it to a bed, and the shocking moment of the birth was caught on camera. 

Jesica Hogan, from Kansas, USA, welcomed baby Max in July last year and the incredible birth story has gone viral thanks to its unusual nature.

The birth occurred at the Via Christi Hospital in Manhattan, Kansas, and was captured by the Hogan’s birth photographers, Little Leapling Photography.

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