Published On: Mon, May 14th, 2018

eBay: Rare 50p coin with Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit design selling for £550 | Life | Life & Style

eBay is home to a great number of bargains that online shoppers can find when looking to save money.

Rare coins are one of the best ways to earn a pretty penny when selling them online, with some being worth much more than their actual value.

A number of 50p and £2 coins can be found on the website selling hundreds of pounds depending on the design.

A range of Beatrix Potter coinage can fetch a lot of money with a Peter Rabbit coin having caught attention.

The coin, from 2016, currently has one bid of £550 on it, with four days left to go for the 150th Anniversary coloured 50p.

The listing from mwebber12 reads: “2016 150th anniversary silver proof Peter Rabbit 50p coin.

“A scarce one to get hold of in the Beatrix Potter range.

“A must for any coin collector and would be a fantastic addition to any collection.

“What you see in the picture is the coin you will receive.”

Included is the coin, as well as the box and certificate of authenticity proving it is real.

The design of the coin is from the famous children’s books, Peter Rabbit, written by Beatrix Potter.

A recent film adaptation this year has brought it back to mainstream media while the animal featured in books between 1904 and 1912, before the English writer died in 1943.

Peter Rabbit is also the worlds oldest licensed literary character, patented in 1903.

It was suggested that even Kate Middleton and Prince William decorated their nursery for Prince Louis in a Peter Rabbit theme.

The exact same Beatrix Potter coin also sold earlier this week on eBay for a whopping £860.

Bidding started at £500, with the final price exceeding that to be sold for.

The rare coin also included a protective case, booklet and certificate of atuthirouty, making it worth much more.

It was number 11,439 out of 15,000 made, making it not the rarest coin on the market.

How can you tell which coins are rare and which ones are not?

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